Yin Yangsheng Comb | Wide-Toothed Green Sandalwood Comb | For Thick Curly Hair | Detangling Comb
Yin Yangsheng Comb | Wide-Toothed Green Sandalwood Comb | For Thick Curly Hair | Detangling Comb
Yin Yangsheng Comb | Wide-Toothed Green Sandalwood Comb | For Thick Curly Hair | Detangling Comb
Yin Yangsheng Comb | Wide-Toothed Green Sandalwood Comb | For Thick Curly Hair | Detangling Comb
Comfortable Handle After many times of polishing, the wood is smooth and delicate, and the handle of the comb is thick and comfortable, and fits ergonomics.
Round Comb Tooth Precision designed round comb tooth, give your scalp a gentle and comfortable massage feeling, no scratching or snagging.  There are absolutely no extra wood thorns to scratch your scalp.
Made of fine green sandalwood, carefully polished, handmade, and connected by a unique riveting technique. There is no excess wood chips, and the comb is smooth and not tied.
Yin Yangsheng Comb | Wide-Toothed Green Sandalwood Comb | For Thick Curly Hair | Detangling Comb
Use the pointy edge for Pressure Points on Scalp
Yin Yangsheng Comb | Wide-Toothed Green Sandalwood Comb | For Thick Curly Hair | Detangling Comb
Yin Yangsheng Comb | Wide-Toothed Green Sandalwood Comb | For Thick Curly Hair | Detangling Comb

Yin Yangsheng Comb | Wide-Toothed Green Sandalwood Comb | For Thick Curly Hair | Detangling Comb

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Comb your hair evenly in daily life for nourishing life.

The most beautiful hair is healthy hair. And healthy hair requires a healthy scalp!

When it comes to hair, good nourishment and care is vital. So we have got you covered with our Yin Yangsheng Comb.

There is a Puerto Rican saying that goes ‘‘beautiful hair can make any woman beautiful’. Having lustrous, shiny, healthy hair is one of Boricua’s central facet of appearance, something that Boricua women take great pride.


Some people believe that to have healthy, firm, smooth and shiny tresses is by putting this for tangled hair, by putting that for hair loss and this and that. You don't need to use all kinds of hair care products to keep your hair looking shiny and healthy. All you need to do is to Start A Transition To Ditch The Chemicals And Brush Your Hair Regularly to stimulate the production of natural oils that protect and nourish each strand.

Beautiful hair represent a devotion to purity

The Organic For You hair combs are ideal for bringing balance and harmony to your hair care! Please note that it does not contradict any religious, cultural or traditional beliefs. 

About Yin Yangsheng Comb

What it is: A hand-carved therapeutic wood comb that promotes relaxation and renewal of the scalp. 

What it does: Comb Short/Long/Thick/Curly Hair and Beard Too. We doesn't recommend this comb for thin hair to remove knots. We recommend our Rosewood Hair Comb for Thin/Fine HairThese combs have nice wide tines. They work great to detangle hair after washing.

Why a wooden comb: Brushing with a wooden comb is a refreshing and invigorating experience. Wood is naturally anti-static and will calm fly away hair. By choosing natural wooden comb, you are committing yourself to wellness. The feel of wood on your scalp is unique.

【Comb ‧ production process】

Yin Yangshen Comb is meticulously made by hand by skilled artisans in India. The wide-toothed green sandalwood comb is naturally dried for more than 3 years and hand-carved individually. Camellia and Oakmoss Absolute is applied repeatedly into the comb to bring out its gloss and aromatic finish. There is no beeswax finish to this comb, so it's vegan. 

Combing one's hair everyday, especially with wood that nourishes people, it may even nourish qi and blood, and prolong life.

The name Yin Yangshen Comb is inspired on the TCM meridian theory. "Yin is a form of exercise combining physical movements (combing your hair is Yin) , mental focus, and breathing, and Yang (the harmony of all the opposite elements and forces that make up existence). Sheng is the yang portion of qi. It is often translated as “spirit” and is responsible for regulating emotions.  The word sheng also incorporates several other meanings such as create, promote, nurture, support and enhance. So, we came out for the name Yin Yangsheng; Comb your hair evenly in daily life for nourishing life.


Just like brushing your teeth daily, it is important to brush your hair every day. Believe it or not, just this simple activity can do wonders for your hair — the only hair care ritual that you must religiously follow on a daily basis. It's a simple daily act that can result in radical long-term change and hair that's shinier, stronger, and, ultimately, healthier.

Combing Hair Therapy is an ancient method of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) that can be practiced by anyone to improve healthy scalp and hair.

Combing acts upon the capillaries of the scalp, which helps in transporting oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles effectively, thus, promoting blood circulation in the scalp, nourishing hair roots, promoting growth, and helping reduce hair loss.



When you massage the scalp with a wooden comb you loosen up the scalp muscles, you're thereby opening up the pathways of circulation. The repeated movement allows the natural oils  to get from the roots to the lengths, stimulates microcirculation  and oxygenates the scalp.


In modern times, we exercise less and specially those who has a job processing information on the computer 8 hours to 12 hours, and then the use of cell phone. This focus of attention and energy on the head and eyes can lead to blockage in the meridians of the neck and head which in turn leads to headaches, eye pain, fatigue, neck and shoulder tension and back pain.


Stimulate the meridians to refresh the mind

In traditional medical theory, 'The head is the meeting of all yang", all the yang meridians of the human body are connected to the head, with 1/4 of the acupuncture points in the whole body, and nearly half of the nerves in the body pass through the head. Therefore, in a sense, combing the hair is combing the meridians. 5-10 minutes can be very effective to refresh the mind.

By unplugging from technology and taking a moment to a self-care love and comb your hair in the morning upon awakening and evening before going to bed, for 5-10 minutes each time. it'll stimulate the scalp, the normal functioning of the meridians can be restored, relieving tension, stimulating the brain and improving functioning of the whole body.


Just as tending the soil and roots nourishes the leaves of a plant, massaging the scalp nourishes the hair. By stimulating blood and energy circulation, scalp massage provides nutrients and oxygen to the hair’s roots. This makes the hair grow stronger and healthier. 


According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) theory of Five Elements, wood overcomes or regulates earth, the element to which the skin belongs. Thus, wooden tools are much better to treat our hair than plastics or electric gadgets. 


This comb is perfect for short or long hair who want to perform a combing and massaging therapy. Not recommended for detangling thin/long hair, we recommend INDU Comb with fine teeth. Also people who have blood disease or cardiovascular disease should not try combing therapy,

Steps to Use the Yin & Yangshen Comb

Here are our simple steps for starters to enjoying scalp massage at home:

  • Before you start, brush your hair with a regular comb to detangle it. The massage is meant to be very gentle, but we don’t want to pull on small tangles accidentally while massaging the head. You don’t need to wash your hair first. Just make sure it’s freshly brushed and detangled.
  • To reap all the amazing benefits of scalp massage, be mindful of your posture. Sit upright. Notice if you’re holding any tension in your shoulders or your face. Breath in slowly, and on the exhale, release that tension.
  • Now that you’re ready for the massage, move your Yin & Yangshen Brush from the front to the back of the scalp along each of the five regions shown above. Repeat at least 20 times for each line. Don’t forget to breathe slowly and deeply.
  • Take care not to stop short of the back of your neck, since this area is filled with pressure points. 

Safety Precaution: Swap between hands regularly and do not apply excessive pressure when in position.

In the morning, we recommend using faster movements for an invigorating feeling that gets you ready for the day.

 At night, try a slower soothing message to promote relaxation and sleep.

Pay attention to the indents and bumps in your scalp. Some might be more sensitive than others. Use a good amount of pressure, but remember that the massage isn’t supposed to be painful. Using your comb should do the job without scraping your scalp. Make sure the comb remains in contact with the scalp to ensure an effective massage.

THE PERFECT GIFT: Gift that special person in your life with this unique boxwood brush who is taking the first steps towards a more sustainable life. It can be a nice & cute gift for Valentines Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Anniversary and Birthday to your girlfriend, hubby, wife, mom and friends.

Dimensions: approx. 6 L in x 2 w in. tooth space: 0.5cm (0.2 in)

Comes with a drawstring burlap gift bag

Yin Yangshen Brush Caring Tips:

🌱Keep vertical in a dry place after use to ensure longevity
it dry. If left damp the teeth split from the base and break off.
🌱 Keep it from heat and sun
🌱Clean it with dry cotton cloth
🌱Avoid drop or bend

🌱To enhance and maintain the brush even better, you should soak the comb overnight in camellia oil once every three months. Applying some of this oil to the brush before using will leave your hair nourished and shiny. 

Enjoy your beautiful golden glow comb, its truly mesmerizing to look at!

*Combing is a natural process, beneficial to health and mood.

'Our hair fashions might be just a trend, but if we investigate, we may find that we have been depriving ourselves of one of the most valuable sources of energy for human vitality." Yogi Bhajan

Yogis also recommend using a wooden comb or brush for combing your hair as it gives a lot of circulation and stimulation to the scalp.

How to Perform Combing Therapy

In this video Carmen Nunez founder, is using the Rosewood Comb for fine Hair

Puertorrican Hair Care Tips

Comb your hair each morning and night

Get into a sacred ritual of combing your hair with a wooden brush for five minutes each morning and each night. This hair ritual helps to energize and invigorate your hair. When you get started, you may notice that you feel a sense of inner calm and relaxation as you brush your hair.

Massage your head and scalp

Ahead of showering or washing your hair, take a moment to massage your head and scalp area with your fingertips. You can use an oil to make this experience more effective and enjoyable. Our Botanical Hair Oil works well.

We Puerto Ricans are the women who prioritize the care and maintenance of our hair. As part of the things we do to keep it frizz-free and always look like it just came out of the salon, we do the dubi dubi.

If doing a Scalp Hot Oil treatment do a Dubi Dubi and wrap your hair in a silky cloth and leave it for 1 hour before washing. This is one of the best Puertorrican ladies hair care tips for newcomers and those who wish to promote hair growth. 

Sleep with a Dubi Dubi after putting hair serum and the next morning you'll have relaxed - lustrous - shinny hair.

If you aren't familiar, a duby duby is created by wrapping your hair around your head in a circular pattern, then securing it with anodized aluminum bobby pins as they don't leave any mark in the hair. The purpose of this is to keep your hair bouncy and neat following a wash and set. Most Boricua women, like myself, still use the method as a protective style after a Hot Oil Ritual and to prevent Frizzy Hair. 

Expose your head to the sun

At least once a week, you should expose your hair, head and scalp to the sun. Giving your hair some natural daylight will boost its vitamin intake. Of course, as a word of caution, you should always use common sense by protecting your skin from the sun and avoid sunburn too. I do it in the morning before 11 am.

Allow your hair to grow

Start Your Transition To Ditch The Chemicals And Love Your Natural Locks...

One of the most important Puertorrican ladies hair care tips is to allow your hair to grow naturally. Once your hair has reached its natural length, take the time to notice how it feels. It is believed that chemically treated hair takes about three years to regain its ability to send out and receive vital energy from the Universe. In other words it takes three years to unlock the chemicals to regain a healthy hair.

BE PATIENT!  While this is a long journey, you will find that it is a dramatic and effective change. 

A wooden comb moves energy like a boat moves water. Comb your energy and makes it flow

Disclaimer: The Organic For You does not guarantee any specific results as a result of the procedures mentioned here and the results may vary from person to person.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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