The Organic For You is a small, family owned soap producer. Carmen Nunez founded The Organic For You in Pennsauken, in the heart of New Jersey. 

Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement:

We are committed to sourcing all natural ingredients to create high quality skincare solutions.  

Our Vision:

To RESTORE and REJUVENATE skin using Nature's best ingredients and to Inspire others that less is more.

Core Values:

  • Loyal - We strive to remain loyal to our customers and our mission of providing products that will restore and rejuvenate our customers’ skin and bodies.

  • Accessible - We aim to be accessible by offering high-quality products at affordable prices.

  • Value - We are committed to to your health, well-being and, as a result, your beauty. The Organic For You is adamant about product purity. As a protector of Nature in all forms, The Organic For You refuses to use any harmful or questionable ingredients often found in skincare – carcinogens, hormone disruptors, or synthetic fragrances.

  • Inspirational - We aim to encourage more people to seek the luxury of natural cosmetics in their daily routines and appreciate how much Mother Earth has provided for us all. The switch to going natural, will be a step forward in inspiring people to be more careful of what they also eat, wear and what lifestyles they lead so they can live healthier lives and respect the Earth and the animals.

  • Service - We are committed to serving our customers, community, and partners.

Natural, Safe & Effective Products for the Skin, Body, Mind, and Spirit

    Based on our holistic approach, we combine the highest quality botanical, plant extracts, and essential oils to formulate our extraordinary skin care, body care and aromatherapy products. The Organic For You products are hand-crafted in small batches to ensure freshness and effectiveness. Our botanical-based line "feeds" your skin the nutritional elements it needs to prevent early aging.
    Product Formulations
    Handmade in our family owned studio in Pennsauken, NJ. Our skin and body care line was developed through a holistic approach to health using natural and earth derived components. Our products are free of synthetics, pharmaceuticals, harsh and harmful chemicals, and is cruelty-free.
    Responsible Ingredients
    Although The Organic For You is manufactured right here in the USA, we source our ingredients from all over the world. Whether it's Dead Sea Salts from Israel or Lavender from France, we put significant time, energy and resources into finding the highest quality ingredients from around the globe.
    We cooperate only with small suppliers who can guarantee the top quality we seek in our ingredients in every single batch. We have carefully selected suppliers that act as co-operatives involved in local projects where we source our ingredients from and help locals extract the ingredients by investing into their communities. This applies specifically to our suppliers from Africa and Brazil.
    No Synthetic Scents or Fragrances 
    Free of synthetics also means we DO NOT use the synthetic fragrances that are so prevalent in most skin and body care products today. Our products are infused with natural scents from essential oils and oil blends.
    Environmental-Friendly Packaging
    The majority of our products come in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) bottles or high-density polyethylene (HDPE), also known by the recycling codes #1 and #2 respectively. These are accepted by most curb-side recycling pick-ups. Our essential oils, bath oils and blends come in glass, which can be reused at home, used for number of projects, or recycled.animal paw - strike through
    No Animal Testing
    The Organic For You NEVER tests products on animals... well, except the two-legged kind (humans).


    Behind the Name

    Our brand name was inspired by some of our favourite ingredients, sourced from each farm across NJ. When Carmen  started sourcing ingredients for our products she started locally, focusing on New Jersian grown and harvested ingredients.

    This practice has blossomed into a beautiful part of our product development. Not only do they support your skin’s health and well-being but they support our local producers and growers, in NJ and beyond. 

     Some of Carmen’s favourite New Jerseyan ingredients are beeswax and honey from Bee Flower and Sun Honey in Pittstown, organic herbs from School Lunch Organic Farm & CSA.

    When you choose The Organic For You, you’re investing in yourself while investing in products made with a sense of responsibility for your health and the health of the planet.