Jewelry Roll Up Tie Bag | Bird Theme | Red Asian Embroidered Style
Jewelry Roll Up Tie Bag | Bird Theme | Red Asian Embroidered Style
Jewelry Roll Up Tie Bag | Bird Theme | Red Asian Embroidered Style
Jewelry Roll Up Tie Bag | Bird Theme | Red Asian Embroidered Style
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Jewelry Roll Up Tie Bag | Bird Theme | Red Asian Embroidered Style
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Jewelry Roll Up Tie Bag | Bird Theme | Red Asian Embroidered Style
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Jewelry Roll Up Tie Bag | Bird Theme | Red Asian Embroidered Style

Jewelry Roll Up Tie Bag | Bird Theme | Red Asian Embroidered Style

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Whimsical and Artistic Bird Jewelry Style for Birds Lovers

Store your jewelry in style with this beautifully embroidered abstracts of flowers, vines, birds and nature scenes

Great Wedding Gift Ideal


The silk fabric depicting two birds playing and singing happily among flowers in Asian culture means  blessing for the eternal love between lovers and the merry life they will enjoy. Two birds represent two lovers who are enjoying the joy of love. Flowers in full boom are symbols of wealth and status, especially the red one. 



Great Fen Shui Gift Ideal

Bringing harmony to your friend's life 


The most auspicious color in feng shui, the power of red is obvious. The combination of gold, red, blue and pink colors and the animal abstracts are incorporated into this Jewelry Roll Bag as a personal feng shui style. This is a beautiful gift for anyone who practice Fen Shui.

A wooden comb fits in the big compartment, reading glasses fit perfectly in any zipper compartment and some lipstick and lip and eye liners fit very well in another zipper compartment. 


Great Gift Ideal for a Psycho or Witchy Friend

Our Colorful Roll Up Bag is great for carrying around your witchy small essentials like tarot cards, crystals, stones, palo santo and mini bundles of sage and less interesting, but equally important, keys and lip balm. 

The magikal colors can can totally set the mood of your witchy friend. 

Witches loves red for passion, green for money, pink for conjuring up some self-love, blue for peace, yellow for abundance and joy. Black is often associated with evil, but in truth, black is used by witches to ward off negative energy. Alternatively, you can give your witchy friend a Black tourmaline stone for protection; shielding from negative energy and removing unwelcome entities. You can tie the bag with a Black Tourmaline Donut Pendant for extra welcoming energies from you. 

Another idea if giving  a gift card inside of the jewelry bag so she can buy from her favorite metaphysical shop.

If you know your witchy friend's likes then fill a bag with things she will love and add a  thoughtful little touches like a new intention-setting crystal or note in each. 

We know how it is when you are desperate for a gift idea for someone on your list that is hard to buy for, specially a loving witchy person!

Witches never travel light.


If your witchy friend love traveling let her wear her love for crystal balls, constellations and all things divine on her shoulder with Our Lotus Tote Bag. It is a pretty large tote bag so it can literally hold a ton of her stuff without cramping her style.  The gold lotus flower represents all achievement of all enlightenment, 

If you really want to go the extra mile for the witch in your life, gift her this Tote Bag on the full moon or around Halloween. Both are significant events in the witching world. 


Great For Beauty Lover

A Beauty Gift With Deeper Meaning

If you have a beauty friend who loves makeup,, perfumes or beauty tools like Gua Sha Stone or Roller then use this Jewelry Roll Up Tie Bag and fill it with her favorites beauty goodies.

Focus on what they like best.

If your best friend always seems to have a new perfume signature scent, consider getting her a mini sampler set from her favorite brand.

If you know your friend's favorite makeup brand then you can't go wrong with a lip gloss variety pack. 

How about the friend who has a beauty skincare ritual? She'll enjoy a skincare ritual in this Jewelry Roll Up Bag.

A moisturizer, Serum, Rose Gua Sha Stone and a Wooden Brush to apply the serum can be filled in this Jewelry Roll Bag.


The bag will roll into half as it contains many beauty goodies will not roll up into three. But she'll enjoy it. (Yes, skincare makes a great present, but because it's so personal, make sure to remove the prices or give a gift receipt.)

You can use your imagination to fill this Jewelry Roll Bag. It is a zero waste way of giving gifts to any lady of your life. 



This is a beautiful gift for anyone who loves birds and nature scenes. Looks very elegant and stylish for any lady who loves vintage style. 

A Gift for her that will bring a warm and welcoming energy to any room the user decide to display it in. It's versatile & can be used for items other than jewelry. 

This vintage like and functional piece will be your perfect choice to surprise your beloved ones. It will be both, great storage system and beautiful piece of vanity decor and the woman who receives it, will love it!


 Symbols in peaceful Asian-inspired designs

The eye-catching reflective shimmering pinky-red silk colored of this jewelry bag is the embroidered birds that sits amongst colorful Plum Blossom evoke abundance.

The plum blossom represents endurance and hope

Silk Jewelry Roll Bags for Crystals

Perfect for travel or for safeguarding your precious items, 
For those who believe in energy and the importance of protecting your sacred items, the protective quality of this product silk especially appeals. 

Some crystals need careful handling, whilst others need to be kept away from sunlight, water or negative influences. Your home may also have children or animals who are tempted to play with them. 

A way to store crystals jewelry is in a silky fabric lined pouch. It would protect your sacred crystals accessories against dust, fingerprints, scratches and damages.

Some people like to use organza bags to store their crystals, but it only offer little protection from external impact. A thicker material ties that you pull and tie tight enough provides much more protection.

Crystals are beings so treat them as such.

This jewelry roll bag is hand woven by hand from a blend of silk and rayon for a fine, delicate texture in hot-pinky red. Closing with a fabric tie, the jewelry roll bag opens to an interior with a large open pocket, two zipper pockets and a padded snap roll for rings and pins.

Size Details:
Rolled Up--length approximately 7.9 inches(20cm), width 3.5 inches(9cm), thickness 0.6 inches(1.5cm); Opening--total length 10.6 inches(27cm), width 7.9 inches(20cm), thickness 0.24 inches(0.6cm). Length of tape 16.5 inches(42cm). Each one is only 70g weight.
Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement. Please make sure you do not mind before you purchase.
Due to the difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. Thank you!

Please kindly note the jewelry and cosmetics is not included.

This item was created by artisans in

Entirely handmade in Thailand. Every purchase from the artist who created this item has a profound impact on their livelihood and income.

The bag serves as symbol, inspiration and artwork. It is a beautiful example of an embroidery with exquisite colour schemes and displaying the maker's skill in depicting animals and nature.

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