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MOMENTO SCALP COMB | GUA SHA | MASSAGER BRUSH 🌱 with wide teeth for Acupussure Massage

MOMENTO SCALP COMB | GUA SHA | MASSAGER BRUSH 🌱 with wide teeth for Acupussure Massage

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Take a Momento to Pause and massage your scalp for a soothing, meditative, and even luxurious experience.

Like all self-care, we like to think of brushing as a ritual: a moment to pause, breathe, and be reminded that the health of your hair is in your hands.

A daily act of self love

Momento Scalp Comb is inspired of my Asian friends who practice Head Gua Sha using wood combs to massage their scalp face and neck, a ritual long known in ancient China as a healthful way to begin and end the day. Our Momento Scalp Comb is designed to be used together with our Botanical Hair Oil as a scalp oil condition to enhance your ritual by stimulating and nourishing the scalp and stands.
The Momento Scalp Comb works to gently stimulate and massage the scalp while also delivering key nutrients from the oil application into the deeper layers of the skin.

What it is: A hand-carved therapeutic wood brush that promotes relaxation and renewal of the scalp.

What it does: Who knew this little hairbrush could do so much? Our Momento Scalp Comb not only massage your scalp as the Gua Sha technique but it also serves as a massaging acupressure brush for a healthy scalp and increasing circulation, helping reduce frizz, and promotes natural shine.

Enhanced massage: by following the paths of the meridians of the head up to 20 times each, in a morning and evening meditation.

Multifunctional: The curve edge of the comb is specifically designed for face and neck as a gua sha massage. The fine teeth are great for scalp massage.

Ideal comb for massaging scalp or for beards.

Add Momento Scalp Comb to your daily self care ritual, gliding the wavelike edge against pressure points on your face and infusing it with a serum to inhale for ultimate relaxation.


In modern times, we exercise less and specially those who has a job processing information on the computer 8 hours to 12 hours, and then the use of cell phone. This focus of attention and energy on the head and eyes can lead to blockage in the meridians of the neck and head which in turn leads to headaches, eye pain, fatigue, neck and shoulder tension and back pain.


With the correct technique and consistent practice, Using Momento Comb as Gua Sha Scalp may help to:

+ Massaging Scalp Therapy helps -  to clear excess debris from the scalp to reduce issues like the buildup of sebum, grease and dandruff from clogging your follicles. itching and irritation.

Improves hair shine, strength, and smoothness.

Increase circulation to the scalp with combing therapy and calm the nervous system, reduces stress, and improves sleep.

+ Leaves you feeling calm, relaxed and ready to reset promoting new hair growth by increasing blood circulation

Momento Scalp Comb is great for any type of hair types who want to perform a Scalp Massage.

【Comb ‧ production process】

Crafted with exquisite Indians traditional handicrafts.

Handcrafted in India. Momento Scalp Comb is individually hand-cut from one whole piece Argentine Green Sandalwood tree. (Each Momento Scalp Comb will be Slightly Different) This comb will gradually change from yellowish brown to dark when exposed to sunshine and air thus each comb you receive is special. Green Sandalwood may generate flocculent crystals on the surface if the comb is left in a humidity environment (like the bathroom), commonly known as "spinning", which can be removed with cloth.

Natural Sandalwood will gradually change from yellowish brown to dark when exposed to sunshine and air thus each comb you receive is special.

The process starts with carefully selected precious woods, which are left to dry out completely over the course of several years. The wooden combs’ minimalist silhouette is sketched on the wood and cut out with a wire saw, then each tooth is polished by hand to achieve a smooth, rounded profile. Lastly, it's treated with linseed oil and carnauba wax to allow use on wet and dry hair. 

Go simple with our earth-friendly and cruelty-free Momento Scalp Comb 

Plastic and metal combs and brushes can cause static in your hair since they have a positive electrical charge and hair has a negative electrical charge which draws in hair to the comb causing static as well as frizz. Static and frizz permit the hair strand to dry out and get fragile, also it simply doesn’t look great. What’s more, plastic and low-quality metals are terrible for the earth and non sustainable, not at all like wood. Wooden combs can’t direct power, so they keep your hair liberated from static harm.Do you have damaged hair? Want healthy shine hair? A simple way to start repairing hair naturally is switching to a wooden comb, while trying to avoid harsh detergents and chemicals on your hair and skipping the heat to style. A wooden comb more easily distributes natural oils from the scalp throughout the entire hair strand because the oils are not sticking instead to the metal or plastic of a regular comb. It leaves your hair less greasy looking and healthier with the shine and bounce of nicely moisturized hair.

The Results?

The finished wooden comb retains the wood’s natural colour, texture, and soothing aroma—a much-needed tool for our stressful times. Three to five minutes of gentle scalp massage using a wooden comb is recommended in the morning and before bed to invigorate, improve circulation, and relieve stressful tension in the body. So, wait no longer to give your hair some Earth-friendly TLC. 

Size approx. 3.9 L x1.9 W inches

Each comb is parcelled in a silky pouch for carrying and storing the Momento Scalp Comb in your purse. 


It is not advisable to do this therapy within two hours after meals.

Before you start, brush your hair with a regular comb to detangle it. The massage is meant to be very gentle, but we don’t want to pull on small tangles accidentally while massaging the head. You don’t need to wash your hair first. Just make sure it’s freshly brushed and detangled.

Before starting the scalp massage therapy, use your fingers to press the scalp around and feel which parts are particularly tight. It may be the spots that are prone to white hair and hair loss . 

To reap all the amazing benefits of scalp massage, be mindful of your posture. Sit upright. Notice if you’re holding any tension in your shoulders or your face. Breath in slowly, and on the exhale, release that tension.

One-way combing, generally combing 8-10 times, with moderate to mild stroke;
You can stop after combing until there is painful spot, and you can only comb 2-3 more times at the most painful place.

After massaging scalp, be sure to drink plenty of water to replenish water. You can add a little salt in boiling water to quickly replenish some electrolytes. You can also drink watermelon or cucumber juice (natural chicken or vegetable broth soup).

It should be noted that our MOMENTO SCALP COMB cannot replace medical products and medicines. If you have severe head discomfort and other symptoms, you should seek medical attention immediately~

*This comb is not intended for "Traditional Body Gua Sha", which should only be practiced by a trained professional.

Interested in indulging in a Gua Sha practice and discovering your accupoints? We recommend contacting your TCM Doctor to guide you through the practice, tailored to your body's personal requirements!

Here are our simple steps to enjoying scalp massage at home:

Move the wood comb from the front to the back of the scalp along each of the five regions shown above. Repeat at least 20 times for each line.
Take care not to stop short of the back of your neck, since this area is filled with pressure points.
In the morning, we recommend using faster movements for an invigorating feeling that gets you ready for the day.
At night, try a slower soothing message to promote relaxation and sleep.
Pay attention to the indents and bumps in your scalp. Some might be more sensitive than others. Use a good amount of pressure, but remember that the massage isn’t supposed to be painful. Using your comb should do the job without scraping your scalp.
Make sure the comb remains in contact with the scalp to ensure an effective massage.

Disclaimer: The Organic For You does not guarantee any specific results as a result of the procedures mentioned here and the results may vary from person to person. The topics in these pages including text, graphics, videos and other material contained on this website are for informational purposes only and not to be substituted for professional medical advice.

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