Clearance Soaps | 5x Mystery Soap in a Bag

Clearance Soaps | 5x Mystery Soap in a Bag

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Mystery soap bags are a great way to try an assortment of high-quality soaps at a reduced price. Inside each bag, you will find handmade soaps with or without labels slightly marred soaps.


This is your once a year chance to SAVE BIG on The Organic For You's Soaps you LOVE! All of these bars could be misshapen, undersized, and discolored soaps, but all are good for your skin.

As hard as it is to believe, sometimes we make less than perfect soap. The result is that we have soap that is not a pretty as what we prefer to sell. These soaps are usually wrong in color or size which does not affect the usability of the bar in any way. These soaps may be hideous to look at, but are absolutely beautiful on the skin. Maybe it's the last bar in a discontinued run? Maybe a small bar that isn't perfect but still awesome!

Our Mystery Grab Bag is made for the bargain shopper, who loves our all natural soap and would like to get more bang for their buck and do not mind how ugly these soaps may be.

The bars are different sizes and may be shipped without descriptions, labels, or ingredients lists. Sorry, no substitutions!
We'll send you FOUR FULL SIZED, about 4 ounce soap bars of our choosing, for $29.99, plus shipping.


*Please note: Clearance items may be short-dated.*