What are beeswax capping

Beeswax from Cappings is part of what makes our hand poured candles special. 

At The Organic For You we chose to work with beeswax cappings from local beekeepers because of its simplistic and natural purity.

Cappings Wax is made from wildflower nectar........Parrafin Wax is made from crude oil.

The thin layer of new wax that bees build over the top of cured (or dried) honey is called beeswax capping. 

Beeswax, which is used to store and cover honey in the hive, is a valuable beekeeping by-product.

Cappings is the fresh new virgin wax made by the honeybees, that the bees seal their cells with after filling them with fresh nectar. So it doesn't drip out. This thin layer is then removed by the beekeeper just prior to centrifugally extracting the honey from the frames of honeycomb cell. This wax is usually very light in color, with a lot of delicious honey aroma.


Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
Prvb 16:24