Soap Bars Care

How to care The Organic For You soap, shampoo and conditioner solid bars – properly

When taken care of properly, all natural soaps can last even longer than commercial soaps. Our soaps are made with a combination of water and oils and endure a 4-6 weeks curing period. This allows some of the moisture to naturally evaporate, creating a hardier and less soluble bar of soap. 

It is important to remember that natural soaps need to breathe and should be stored in a cool dry area with open ventilation in between uses. We advise using a soap dish with ridges to prevent water from accumulating under the soap.

When storing soap for future use, it is important that you do not use a sealed container or zip lock bag. Remember to keep the soap away from direct sunlight. 


Our soaps are preservative free, and most of the oils that we use in our soaps are the same types of oils that you would use to cook with. This means that all natural soaps do have a shelf life, and we recommend that you use your soap bar within one year of purchase. All natural soap is best during its first six months. After that, the soap will still do its job of keeping you clean, but the scent may fade. 

Enjoy your natural soap!