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Botanical Shaving Oil

Absolutely wonderful! 💯

Never thought I’d be writing a review about a wooden comb, but this one is so good. It’s so well made and is gentle on the scalp. It really helped me detangle my thin hair without causing any breakage.  Bye Bye 👋 to my plastic comb and thanks to my best friend for the comb gift. It is wonderful! ❤️
4 🌟 cause of the price 😔

Great Product

Great hand salve. Goes on with a bit of a greasy feel but that goes away within a few seconds to a minute. Keeps my hands hydrated and prevents dryness.

A Grace!

I'm 29 year old and I've been wearing makeup since I was 15. I never knew that oil cleansing method will remove the makeup. I've been using the tamanu oil in my routine for about a month now and love it. I did breakouts the first week but patiently wait and now my face is clear. I use it with a damp warm wash cloth. It's so soothing. I follow with the The Rose Water. So refreshing. Now I don't need makeup. It is a Grace!

Love it!

The best to remove my makeup on my dry skin, good texture, smells good like citrus and does not leave your skin dry like others that promise the same. A whole spa at home. Highly recommend it.

Super Sensational!

After trying the moisturizer yesterday on my hands I can tell you it's super sensational! After several washings my hands still felt smooth and that for me is a wow.

Love it!

My sister purchased this deodorant to me & I absolutely love it!! I’m very particular on what I use on my armpits & this is definitely a great product for me!! A forever customer!!!

Easy to apply

About to order my second shampoo bar. I haven’t found one I have liked until now. I actually prefer it over traditional shampoos. Leaves my hair totally soft and it’s really easy to apply. It glide very well doesn't leave greasiness like other shampoo bars I've tried.

Real Good Products

Someone gave me a gift card from this company and I was excited to try their soaps and body butters. Their shampoo bar was amazing and their conditioner bar absolutely did wonders to my hair. The body butters isn't that greasy as others I have purchased from others companies. I'm really in love with my skin.

Super Moisturizing 👌

I love how it soaks into the skin after bathing and hydrates! I first discovered this product line at Amazon. It's a wonderful product!

Great 👍 for skin issues

Just what I was looking for! A product that is easy to use and reliable for dry skin. I rub some of this on my itchy legs after shaving and cover with long socks.
Smell is not that bad and texture is easy to apply. Worth a try for skin issues!