Curing on the Racks - Pre-order Soaps

We are a small business that make small batch bath and body goodies.

Our collection may be considerably small, but this is because our formulations are made entirely from scratch, handcrafted and packaged from our studio.
We don't do this for artisanal / exclusive reasons, but rather, our batches are made intentionally small as once herbal material is processed, they degrade considerably with each step in the formulation unless preserved (and you know how we feel about synthetic preservatives!)
By keeping the numbers low, can keep to our promise that we are providing you a fresh made product that your skin will love.

Small Batched for Freshness Guaranteed....Pre-Order Reserved Just For You Guaranteed

We have created a Curing on the Racks for items that will be available for pre-order when items are out of stock. Some of our best sellers items like Pine Tar Soap and Peppermint Soap sells out before it's finished curing. If you want to reserve a specific best selling item then Pre-Order is for you. 

These items will not ship out until they're listed “in stock” date (check individual listing for dates). Larger orders containing a pre-ordered items will ship all at once when the entire order becomes available.