Body Butters Collection

Our exceptional, deeply hydrating, ultra-intense, Body Butter are formulated in a base of "liquid gold"--Argan Oil and powerful Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter to hydrate, soften, and illuminate even the roughest, driest skin without leaving you greasy after it fully absorbs.

Argan Oil is sourced ethically from Women's Co-ops in Morocco, we make a fresh batch weekly in our studio.

Whipped to maximize deep healing penetration, it was created to nourish, protect and restore your skin to the divinely beautiful state of supreme, supple softness we all cherish.


Protects Your Skin. Body butter is much thicker than normal creams and lotions, which form a barrier over the skin to hold moisture in. Gives You Soft Skin. After a prolonged use of body butters, you will see that it will help to give you soft skin. 
You just need a pea size amount to moisturize your your skin or hair ends, even cuticles or nails.

Irreplaceable remedy for the treatment of damaged, cracked, dry & stressed hands.

Use anywhere needing special attention to revitalize and restore.

unt goes a long way!

How to use

Apply a small amount after showering recommended by warming in hands, but can be applied at any time.
It will melt into your skin within a couple of minutes.
A spoon or spa

Please note

Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

If larger amounts are applied to feet, can make them slippery on certain surfaces, take care. 

Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight. 

Use within 6-8 months.


Our Body Butters are formulated with powerful revitalizing emollients, which moisturizes and soothes skin & nourishes pores without clogging, restores softness and improves skin texture.

Sunbutter contains our careful balance of SHEA BUTTER and richly absorbing oils to deliver hydrating and moisturizing relief. Natural botanicals Arnica, Neem, Rosemary and Stinging Nettle, Vitamins C and E, plus White Tea extract offer antioxidant protection and accelerate regeneration of dry, overexposed skin. Sunbutter is easily applied and quickly absorbed to create a non-greasy protective barrier for your skin. With rejuvenating properties to prevent the chaffing and cracks, slow down the aging process, reverse skin dryness and damage, for softer, smoother and healthy looking hands.

Keep in your handbag and your car to ensure you always have protection on skin. For perfect results and radiant looking skin reapply throughout your day.

Indulge your senses with the subtle heavenly softness of our Body Butters.