About Founder

  We're passionate about transforming Real People to a Real Life with a Real Change through the power of nature.
When I started to create my own line of skin care, I was not looking to replicate the products already on the market. My founding mission was to give the care industry skin a fresh start with the highly effective beauty products that are completely free from synthetic and chemical ingredients. I think people, especially women deserve beauty products that deliver the results they want, without risking your health. 

My story:
I was born in Puerto Rico, where beauty is a living style for woman. I was raised with my maternal grandmother from Monday thru Fridays while my parents worked during the day. My grandmother was a pioneer of beauty and herbalism. She always had her cabinets full of handcrafted cosmetic and medicinal stuffs made with herbs that she grown in her garden. And I as a little girl, spent part of my life watching her preparing her potions.The great challenge for her was to protect her skin from the sun while she worked in her brother farm during the day. The first creations for skin care came from her kitchen, where she mixed potions to nourish and protect the skin. She taught me that a good skin care is not a luxury but a necessity and an important step in the process of protecting the health of the skin.
Many years have passed since then, and inspiration from my grandmother took me to study herbalism.


Herbalism is the study of the effects of herbs and other foods that positively impact the body It is a way of using plants to support the body’s own healing. The use of raw plant material such as leaves, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, barks, rhizomes or other parts of the plant is common in herbalism. These botanicals are infused into vegetable oil for several weeks under the sun or for several days in a slow cooker pot to promote wellness in products

Our Core Values
We Believe In Safe Cosmetics
Health is the most important thing to us. When formulating and making our products, we follow the precautionary principle – which means not using anything we believe could cause you, or the planet harm.
NO animal testing 

Plant Power | Effectiveness I love getting my hand dirty and being on the ground where raw materials become finished products.PLANTS HAVE POWER.
They have the power to heal us; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Which makes us all plant people. Our formulations must benefit mind, body, and well-being, with a blend of potent herbs, oils, and extracts, that meet our own incredibly high standards of efficacy.  

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle
Our belief in sustainability means we use only the the wild, and natural ingredients nature can afford to give. We avoid polluting, toxic, or harmful substances, and we don't over-package.

The Organic For You, we reuse all packing material, refill all liquids, and recycle all other materials. We compost our plant material when making herbal infusions, we buy locally and organically grown herbs as well as honey and beeswax, and we make it a point to produce less than 1 bag of garbage for our entire company per week.

Ingredients with Integrity Our vibrant preparations are made with botanical ingredients from our garden and purchased from our global community of farmers all with their own rich heritage and story.  The rich color and sweet smell from our formulas comes from mother nature herbs infused in oil. The Organic For You skin care is non-comedogenic (won't clog pores) and highly concentrated, a little goes a long, long way!

Ecological Packaging
We wrap our macerated oils in velvet pouches to prevent sunlight.

At The Organic For You great care is taken to preserve both our products and our environment with all of our packaging decisions.

Mass-Produced skincare is formulated to sit on a store & warehouse shelf for 2+ years so the formula is overflowing with shelf-life focused chemical clutter.

Our products are hand-crafted, fresh and in small batches to ensure maximum vitality & effectiveness. We strive to make natural products last longer, while maintaining a higher bioenergetic value. In other words, preserving their natural energy and goodness. Resulting in better quality natural products and a reduction in spoilage and plastic waste. To accomplish this, we have to store our products in a way that protects the integrity of the bioenergetic value without adding any dangerous chemicals or preservatives. We store our herbal infusions in a dark room and in brown colored glass containers to prevent light to pass through to the formula contained within. 

While dark packaging is the first line of defense for preserving our natural formulas, how we shipped them to you is equally as important. We might send a clear glass bottle inside a black velvet pouch or a clear glass jar inside a wooden box. The black velvet fabric and wooden box both helps protect the natural products from breaking down when they’re exposed to light during shipping. We always advise you to keep your plant-rich formulas like facial oils and balms away from that sunny window and humidity-prone bathroom. Storing natural skincare products appropriately will greatly improve their shelf-life. And keeping bioenergetic value  in a cool, dark area is essential.

Shelf Life of Natural Skincare Products

How do you know if your natural product is still good? Read the following advice:

Pay close attention to the color and smell of your natural product. The color should be clear, light yellow or champagne.

If you open a new product and it’s dark brown or if it changes to a dark brown color over time, it has already oxidized and will be minimally effective.

If you open a container and it smells sour or rancid, discard it immediately.

Attention to cleanliness is key to maximizing shelf life. Putting dirty fingers into jars of salve, body butters or facial cream will also introduce bacteria and shorten the shelf life. We recommend using cosmetic spatulas instead dipping your finger in. If you don't have a cosmetic spatula, then it’s a good idea to give your hands/fingers a quick wash before dipping in. 

Also, keep container lids closed tightly between uses.

Our shipping boxes are made of post-consumer recycled cardboard, as much as possible. They’re biodegradable and recyclable.

Our packing peanuts, which are made of starch, are biodegradable and compostable. (If you don’t have composting facilities in your neighborhood, you can empty them into your kitchen sink and dissolve them with water! And yes, your pipes will be safe.)

Any bubble wrap you might see in your package is used to cushion fragile items. It’s recyclable and has been reused from shipments we've received from our suppliers. Please save it and reuse it when you can.

 Our Promise to You

Less is more...
We focus on formulating just a few products religiously. At The Organic For You we make our products with love, with passion and with a hope for you. When you use our products you should see a notable change in your skin in 30 to 45 days and with the continue use your skin should even more. In fact, a four-step morning and night ritual is all you need to get the skin results you crave.

Night Ritual 

1. Cleanse face with a soap free cleanser
2. Mist with Rose Water 
3. Nourish with a facial balm
4. Give yourself a self-massage

Morning Ritual

1. Mist with Rose Water 
2. Moisturize with a Balm 

I Carmen Nunez is grateful for your visit and I'm here to help you in anyway I am able so that you too may be guided to explore your senses and indulge in the gifts that are found in our aromatic and sensual world of botanicals and aromatherapy.