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Welcome to a better way to wash and treat your hair.

Wash and Condition your hair naturally 

We carry solid shampoo and conditioner bars packed with natural ingredients, our low-waste that will clean, hydrate, soften & revitalize your hair.

Treat your hair once a month

Manage Electric Manes with Wooden Combs

The Caribbean women (including myself) have a very interesting relationship with hair. We believe that our hair is strongly associated with one’s energy. To cut the hair is to cut off energy to the brain and mind or to strongly disrupt the flow of energy within this part of the body. Static electricity around the head and hair may interrupt or disrupt the energetic flow to the brain. When combing your hair with a wooden comb it do not conduct static electricity, so wooden combs help to protect the sacred flow of energy between the hair and the mind.

Our warm, Wooden Combs feel luxurious in your hand as they sooth the scalp and smooth tangled tresses. Wood encourages good energy flow to protect the sacred energy of the Crown Chakra while shielding the hair from breakage, static and split ends. And, wood feels so good that you will never go back.