The Organic For You 15th year anniversary celebration

15 Organic Years!

This year is a significant milestone: our 15th anniversary! Since our establishment in 2008, we have been dedicated to promoting the beauty of natural skin at any age. Join us in celebrating!

The Organic Founder

Discover 15 little-known facts about Carmen.

  1. She doesn't watch TV. 
  2. She loves cooking and of course making soaps.
  3. She made her first soap at age 13.
  4. She loves traveling and  exploring forests.
  5. She used to dislike tomatoes but changed her mind after growing them in her garden.
  6. She is a coffee drunker.
  7. She met her husband when she was 15 year old. 
  8. She has two children.
  9. She loves the beaches and rivers and she hates the pool.
  10. She loves her son's Mojitos.
  11. Her mother was her best friend, who unfortunately passed away at 55 from cervical cancer.
  12. Carmen's maternal grandmother, her inspiration for organic living, lived to the age of 105.
  13. She uses hearing aid. 
  14. She is 50 year old.
  15. And she loves reading books about herbalism.   

We appreciate your support and presence on this journey, whether you found us at a farmer market years ago or recently discovered us online.

We welcome you to a natural lifestyle, to the power of less-is-more and the brilliance of botanically-blessed skincare. As we turn 15 I keep thinking of how to enhance your beauty rituals and your life in simple, luxurious and natural ways. While creating the most sustainable beauty solutions possible.

Authentic organic beauty begins with YOU. 

Love your Natural Skin

Carmen Nunez