New Logo | In the spirit of nature, everything is connected


Our Motto: Pure, Wholesome, Organic – For a Better You.

Our Slogan: Nurturing Nature, Nourishing You.

About Our New Look: Today, after 15 years, we unveil an updated brand identity, featuring a new logo, colors, and font, and soon a new name. This transformation is not just a visual shift; it symbolizes our growth since 2008. Our refreshed logo reflects who we are today and envisions our future, aligning with our small business values.

Why the Change: While we cherished our old logo, the decision to evolve wasn't driven by change for the sake of it. Change, for us, is purposeful. Our old logo, though beloved, wasn't doing the job we envisioned. A more distinctive evolution could better communicate our essence.

Our First Logo: Crafted before our launch, our first logo was distinctive, meaningful, with an upper body emerging from leaves reaching skyward—the same character on our products. It communicated our ethos through colors and symbols but had challenges, like readability issues due to bright color combinations.

Distinguished Logos for Every Aspect: The Organic For You's Visual Identity

At The Organic For You, we've meticulously designed two distinct logos—one for our website and another for our packaging labels. Each logo seamlessly intertwines with our brand ethos, reflecting our commitment to purity, consciousness, and gratitude.

The Change: Our goal is to redefine beauty, breaking the obsession with perfection. We aim to empower women, emphasizing that good skin is a result of a proper skincare ritual. Our new logo adds more icons, each representing a crucial aspect of The Organic For You.

Website Logo:

Our website logo stands as the digital face of The Organic For You. It captures the essence of our brand with a harmonious blend of organic elements. A tree-like woman releasing a butterfly carries symbolic meanings, such as transformation and beauty. This design embodies the interconnected relationship between nature, our products, and the individuals who explore our online presence. The color palette is vibrant yet soothing, inviting visitors to embark on a journey into the organic world we curate.

Adding More Icons: Each added icon holds significance. The butterfly signifies beauty and transformation; the dove represents freedom; the sun symbolizes energy, and the ocean embodies life. Colors, like green for youthfulness and earth-friendliness, blue for calmness, and orange for vitality, express our mood and energy.

Packaging Labels Logo:

Our packaging labels bear a distinctive logo that encapsulates the essence of The Organic For You, creating a tactile connection between the user and our products. 

A Gesture of Thanks: As the woman tree-like figure extends her arms, it's as if she's personally reaching out to each user, thanking them for being part of our organic journey. The logo becomes a silent acknowledgment, a visual exchange of gratitude, and a reminder that our users are at the heart of The Organic For You's mission.

The Shape of Our Logo: Our logo forms a circle, symbolizing completion, wholeness, and harmony—the circle of life. It represents the interconnectedness between the earth, our communities, and you. The roots reaching deep into the soil, the leaves extending to the sky, all enclosed in a single circle, symbolize our connection to the earth and well-being.

Carmen Nuñez, Founder: Our brand is a reflection of our founder's vision. Carmen Nuñez's commitment to purity, consciousness, freedom, energy, and life is embedded in every aspect of The Organic For You.

Embrace the journey of our new look, where nature meets nurturing, and authenticity meets transformation. Thank you for being a part of The Organic For You's evolving story.