Soapless Solid Facial Clay Cleansing Drops

These mini round drops in a jar and the naked mini squares are my latest soap-free cleanser – still under development, but really really close to being ready.
Inspired by our luxurious face cleansing balms, these solid facial cleansers are our newest creations. Made with the same high quality essential oils and botanical-infused oils, they nourish, rejuvenate and gently care for your beautiful face.

My Inspiration

The idea for this product came to me from one of my cleansing balm.
I was inspired by one of my own ideas.
To be quite honest, I wasn't sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing...
But guess what. It passed challenge testing.

Back to the Cleanser Drops

After using (and loving) Luxurious Calendula Cream Soap for well over 5 years, I decided to try and create a 'solid bar version' – one that wasn't hard  like a lotion bar, but enough hard that the solids would scrub well on the face without scratching the face. 

This version has a mix of butters, wax, oils, clay, oats, and essential oils. Because this product doesn't contains any water, it doesn't needs to survive 'normal' use, no preservative is added.

How it Works

This Soapless Solid Facial Clay Cleansing cleanses beautifully and gives the same feel and result as a cleansing balm.


The mini drops remain solid in the jar, the texture is soft and scrubby, it just behaves like a champ. They easy to grab from the jar and one mini drop will clean the entire face minus the neck. i had to use another drop to clean the neck. 




The squares bars are semi-firm (kind of like chocolate that is beginning to go soft) and are easily mashed into the hand. I use a butter knife to cut off into 4 pieces to use. One little piece clean my entire face and neck.

How To Use

Gently massage one to 2 drops or a piece of the square directly on to dry face and neck. Wet finger tips with warm water and massage into face and neck (keep repeating) until a milky emulsion is created. Wipe away with a warm, damp face cloth. 

Tester Phase

I sent some samples to my willing testers. All my testers have dry skin and are from age 35 and up. This is a product is designed for when you just want to wash your face, but find soap and bubbly facial cleansers a little too drying for your skin. Therefore is specially created for dry / normal skin.

What did they like about it?
98% liked the scent.
95% liked the scrubby feeling.
98% like the "feel",
90% can't tell what's different from the cleanser balm but  they like it.
100% after 24 hours the bars didn't solidify.
100% didn't break apart in their hands
100% are firm 
95% liked the mini drops design better than the squares