Eco Friendly No Tape Gift Wrapping from The Organic For You

Introducing #notape: The eco-friendly way to wrap Christmas gifts

Since 2003, we at The Organic For You has been focusing on sustainability. We’re a small business fresh-made-to-order meaning all products are made only after an order is placed, making it more sustainable. Yet, there’s still a long way to go. This year, we’ve tested numerous plastic packaging alternatives and added 7 eco-friendly products to our catalog. 

Every holiday season, US households throw away 25% more trash than any other time of the year. A big part of this daunting number includes the materials used for gift wrapping. The shiny and glittery wrapping paper, ribbons, and plastic bows can’t be recycled and end up in landfills.

When you get down to gift-wrapping the personalized gifts you ordered with The Organic For You, start by looking for any reusable materials you have at home. If you don’t have anything useful, check in with your friends and family: they’ll be happy to oblige.

This holiday season at The Organic For You, we’re still focused on getting real and giving real. And that doesn’t just mean giving products made fresh with real, nourishing ingredients; it also means being conscious of how you’re wrapping gifts.

This 2023 holidays we have some new options for giving beautiful, sustainable gifts. Here are a few of our offering.


Fabrics like bandannas your recipient will reuse and repurpose. Textiles add a beautiful handcrafted touch to your gift and provide an extra layer of protection for glass presents, like our deodorants that comes in a jar or your favorite skincare product. 


Instead buying glossy, printed wrapping paper that contains acid. opt for brown butcher paper to wrap your gifts. This adds a pretty rustic look (especially with jute twine, burlap ribbon and bows and botanical accents!) and is easy to recycle after unwrapping.


Adding botanical as accents are a great alternative for traditional ribbons and bows, and there are limitless options when it comes to adding these to your gift wrapping. You can collect sprigs from your garden (we love eucalyptus, dry roses, pine from our Christmas tree, lavender and rosemary. You can also opt for small berry branches or dried fruit. Bundle these botanicals up and tie them to a bag or add them to a gift box with twine.


Switch for a reusable burlap bag or cotton pouch to package your gifts. With this, you’re helping reduce waste, and your loved one gets a “two in one” gift. Some of our holiday gift sets come in our signature reusable pouches.